So what’s with the goat?

The Ethiopian Highlands, often referred to as ’the roof of Africa’ is home to Lake Tana – the source of the Blue Nile. It is also a part of the continent where coffee trees have grown for thousands of years and where they are still cultivated today. Legend has it that Kaldi, a goatherd from the region, first discovered the effects of Caffeine when goats from his herd started eating red ‘cherries’ from an unknown tree.

He noticed that they became spirited and refused to settle down and sleep at night. Kaldi reported this curious behaviour to monks in a local monastery who experimented with the berries and soon confirmed their energising properties. Traders carried the beans eastwards into Arabia – from where coffee began its journey to become one of the most widely consumed hot beverages in human history. Today, coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world… And all thanks to some hungry goats.

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About us

The Real Coffee Company supplies coffees, machines, cookies, chocolates and drinks ingredients to professional caterers and retailers throughout UK. We only select ingredients and equipment that represent outstanding quality and value for money. We combine this with flexible commerical terms and great customer support - to provide the full package.

Established in 2005, The Real Coffee Company has developed a reputation for friendly, trustworthy efficiency. We work with leading names in every sector, including Education, Health, B&I, Leisure and Hospitality. With such a diverse range of customers we are constantly exposed to fresh ideas and requirements. We thrive on these because new challenges ensure that we keep innovating.

What we offer


We offer a range of top notch machinery for every catering or retail situation. Availalbe for outright purchase or supplied on ingredient led deals, each package is bespoke to our customer’s exact operational requirement. But good kit is only half of the trick. The other half is excellent on site technical support. And ours is ‘second to none’.

Our coffes

Real Coffee isn’t just who we are. It’s what do. Not just any old coffee but a range of absolutely outstanding blends to satisfy all tastes. Roasted and blended by experts with decades of experience, the consistent taste and performance of our coffees is one of the main reasons why most of our customers have been with us for years.

Friendly support

Our team are a great bunch of genuinely helpful people. So it’s second nature for us to go that extra mile to ensure a great customer experience. Particularly if things don’t run to plan. We know that resolving issues quickly and calmly is what separates an ‘all-right’ supplier from a ‘exceptional’ one and we love to live in the second category.

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Our coffee

Real coffee Bellagio

Our Bellagio blend has been a permanent feature on the RCC roster for years - and will remain so as long as it tastes this good. This 100% arabica medium-darkly roasted espresso blend is smooth yet full bodied with sweet fruity notes.

Real coffee Pavilion

Pavilion Espresso is a blend of beans from Brazil, Ethiopia and Vietnam The combination of high altitude growth and a light roasting technique delivers a smooth caffeine kick with subtle pineapple flavours.

Real coffee Italian

Blending beans from Brazil, Ethiopia, India and Vietnam, the Italian Espresso is full bodied with mellow acidity and a touch of sweetness, producing a perfect Espresso every time. Ideal for milk based drinks

Our machines

Our equipment range includes, traditional and bean to cup espresso, filter, soluble, bulk brew and grinders.

All of the brands we list in the portfolio are there for specific technical reasons and applications. When it comes to selecting sophisticated machines, our equipment team truly knows its way through the coffee machine ‘minefield’. Our engineers ensure that your machine will produce delicious coffee every time.These guys are highly experienced and will give you tips and suggestions to help keep the kit in optimum condition. But if a machine should develop a malfuction, expect to receive the best emergency response in our industry.

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